Hi my name is Chasey  Mciver I am 28 and I want to tell you bit about me and how I eneded up working with Scott at 4:28 training.

Well my life was never normal I been in trouble with police since age 12 taking drugs from age of 13. I been to prison 9 times every time I went in prison I was on drugs then when I was in there I went on to different drugs never stopped at all. The only thing that changed in my life was the location I was taking the drugs in prison or outer prison. Prison never phased me at all I used to wish it did scare me cos then I wont go back. I was a massive drain on society a lot of petty crime and some serious crime. 

My last time in prison I was given 8 ½ years  first two years was just the same drugs and trouble all the time 30 adjucations  and 160 added days . Until I was down segregation again reading and thinking and I decided I aren’t doing this no more I have had enough (bare in mind I have thought this before but every time you try to stop taking drugs for however long if you fail you learn something about your own addiction for the next time you try and you learn where you went wrong and what not to do next time this was like attempt 10 or some thing  so I learnt a lot)

Any way from here I ended up on a cooking course this lady Alison Roebuck see potential in me like no one elese had I never had a job never had option to get one. I did her course for two years got qualified then when I was getting out she said I can get u a trial in a la carte restaurant in north wales I am from Grimsby town I was thinking what am I guna do in wales. At the same time I was worried I wont get a job when I got I was 28 never had a job and had a bad criminal past. If I dint get a job new I would be back in prison. That is a fact.

I got out on Friday got train to wales on the Saturday started work same day soon as I got in there I felt out my depth I could not under stand any one at all not because they was speaking welsh but because it was all chef talk . I thought am never guna get this but I just did what I new how and try to help where I could . I got the job after a few days and enjoy working there so much. That’s the tal y cafn north wales great restaurant.

Since I been out I wanted to start a life so I started my driving lessons found that really hard because I thought as I used to steal cars a lot I could already drive turns out the D.V.L.A don’t want race drivers on the road so I have to do a lot of lessons. Passed  my theory test first time which was nice.

I wanted to get involved in drug support work as I felt that is what I no a lot about I have a level 4 diploma in drug solvents alcohol abuse counselling so thought I would start volunteering. I got a volunteer job at aberconwy mind Llandudno in the rabbit hole with Sian Roberts helping in the kitchen and also helping with the drop in centre for people with mental health problems that is with mark rose I enjoying working here even thoe it is only one day a week and not to do with drug or alcohol

Sian from the rabbit hole works two jobs and her second one is with Scott’s wife also called Sian they spoke and Sian from the rabbit hole said I think you should msg him meaning Scott as he had a similar past to your own. So I phoned him told him a bit about me and what I want to do (which right now keeps changing I don’t want to work with just drug and alcohol I know I want to work with people thoe) I met Scott both got on really well I admire what he has achieved and now I volunteer with him also at the Sit and Stew Community Kitchen ever Wednesday at 1 he is a mentor to me now.

Thank you for reading hopefully tell u more soon.


From Chasey Mciver      

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