April 12, 2017

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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Not going back!

April 12, 2017


Hi again chasey here,


                    Here just want to tell you what I been up to if you’re interested I know a couple people are like two. If you’re not then you’re on the wrong page.

I just passed my driving test I told you about that already ant i am happy about that am going to go home for xmas because am in wales now and am from Grimsby  am really excited I am. I will tell you why before I went to prison I was a mess out my face every day on weed and     m-cat (mepthdrone) just committing crimes every day just like I had been since I was young. I was 10 stone never had a job never wanted a job I think that’s bad in its self not wanting to work. I was a mess that was before prison 4 ½ years I served.


Now am feeling quite proud I am been out prison a bit got a job as a chef moved to wales. Got two volunteer jobs and am 15 stone clean of drugs for nearly 3 years  and just passed my driving test you can see why am excited to go home with a bit pride. I also get to see my family as the man I have become.


Am not going lie I was bit scared  because I knew that there is big chances for me to fail in Grimsby a lot of my triggers are there old friends and places I used to go as old me would say ‘to get on it’ so in my mind that was there big potential to fail

It was good to see my family I really enjoyed myself I been in prison for 4 ½ years so to be out for xmas that’s massive in its self so I was happy. I know my triggers and how to avoid those most of mine are old friends so I avoid them but am not just avoiding them because of drugs, crime was a massive part of my life and I don’t want to be around that. I won’t risk going back to prison for any one. I am very selfish about that so I have to be very careful what situations I find myself in.


Some of you might not understand this so I will try and break it down for you say one of my old friends sells drugs or has stolen goods in there house and police just happen to raid them when I am there (which could easily happen) I get recalled by probation and go to prison until 2020 may be I might get out before that if am lucky. That is a high risk situation for me. I have spent too long in prison to go back and put too much effort in out here to ruin that for anything.


So when I decided to change my life style I changed it all I feel sometimes you have to not care about what others think and just do you.


I maintain my drug free life now by filling my time with things I like you need a hobby mine is the gym I love it only get it 3 times a week but feel good in there. I love getting involved in things around my area volunteering and just applying for stuff you be amazed at how much opportunity’s come your way if you put yourself out there.


I used to be socially awkward and hate meeting people and talking to new people now look my week is crammed with new stuff all the time and am meeting so many nice people. Am that busy I have to go buy a notice board for my flat just to keep up.


I have loads more to tell you but I will write it for you soon hope fully take care.


From chasey  

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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