April 12, 2017

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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The Grass Isn't Always Greener!

July 12, 2017


Hiya! Chasey here again 😎👊


It's been a while hasn’t it? A couple of reasons for that first one Scott as he is a teacher said he isn’t printing any unless I work on my grammar lol. So I been putting it off a lot however he did make it easy for me and said “here’s a clue chase it’s all the words with the red and blue lines under” lol thanks Scott am going to try now any way.


Well what have I been doing last couple of months I left my chef job at Tal y Cafn and went to Dylan’s restaurant in Llandudno as they offered me more money. Then after one day I realised I didn’t like it as the way they made food was not like I do at Tal y Cafn there we prepare fresh food every day make all our own sauces stocks etc.  Dylan’s don’t so I left there just said this is not for me and quit on a whim after one day. This was stupid of me you should never leave a job unless you have another job. I just wanted to go back to Tal y Cafn  they could of said no Chasey you left us but I begged them apologised a lot ate humble pie and they let me back in luckily . But if they said no I would have been looking for a new job now luckily as a chef you will find another job but that could of gone very different if they did not have me back no job means no flat no car no gym. That’s enough said on that lessons have been learnt. Grass is not always greener.




Well an exciting thing happened to me I applied for credit for a new car and was accepted. Everyone around me was saying it will be a scam don’t do it they will rip you off Chasey I did listen to them and the approved credit was all the way in Wigan so I was dubious myself but the lady phoned me up one more time after I declined and this is what she said “Chasey I am going to give you one last chance to come here and you will drive away in a new car I promise you Chasey I don’t want you to miss out” after she said that I thought am going I told her I see you tomorrow then I still thought it was a bit dodgy so I brought a return ticket in case I had to get train back. But I did not have to I came back in a Audi a1 s line well smart better than any thing I ever thought I would have without having to committing crime. And the guy at the dealership got my insurance more than halved do not know how he did that but so glad he did. Now I have got that return train ticket on my mirror in my front room to remind me that courage will be rewarded not always but sometimes it’s good to be brave.




Still loads more to tell you as well I am loving my volunteer jobs youth justice, Cannid , and sit and stew all these got me doing amazing things. A few months ago I spoke to scott about doing a BBQ outside for sit and stew and inviting other people as well he said yeah ok then crack on with that chase. I was thinking I haven’t got a clue where to start but I asked him couple questions he pointed me right way and I was off. I got chefs from Tal y Cafn to help cook so glad they helped their my friends as well so when they said they would help I made sure they did Lewis, oli  and d j Dave he played music for us. Lots more people helped as well there was the original sit and stew team Mike, Laurnce and sue and of course Scott. It was massive as well thanks to rob at community’s first. For getting us the money. This was my biggest high yet over 100 people come music good company great food great chefs 😉


There’s still loads more to tell you as well after the BBQ I drove to Grimsby to see my family and had to face a big situation but the way I handled It could not of been done any better really. I tell you what happened shall I “yes chef” ok then

Well went I to prison I fell out some one and he grassed me up to the police and that was what lead to my getting arrested for the robberies. When I was still in my old mind set I was like am going to f him up and all that rubbish. But when I started to think different am not bothered about that guy my life was going to be different now so all that stuff has to be left in the past. Am glad I went to prison for all that time it has made me who I am right now doing what I am doing right now.

Any way just going to tell you quick I planned to go home after the BBQ to see my family and the night before I was going to leave that guy who I just mentioned assaulted my step dad and hurt him. So now me going to Grimsby was going to look like I was going there because of that. I nearly cancel it just to avoid trouble but then in the end I went spoke to my dad and just avoided the whole situation. An it was easier than I thought I have to much good stuff going to let EGO get in my way. An I see the perfect meme the other day they will f them self’s up in the end I believe that as well.


On positive note big news now are you ready for this am getting married yayyyy.


Not really! That’s not happening I'm looking for the right women for that. It will happen when it happens.


The big news is threw the drug delegate role I do and Cannid I got to go to Berwyn prison in Wrexham as a visitor to meet governors and look around. This is massive news as I only been out 10 months you know so for people to let this happen shows how much I have changed makes me proud. Am not going to lie when they was all talking I felt a bit out my depth but when I understood and told them my views they listen to me was a good feeling. 


An the next day my boss from Cannid said that the Governors have said I can go in the prison once a month with tony and speak to the lads in there about the services outside and inside and how they could be made better ( that’s all the drugs and alcohol and mental health services) so that the people who use them get a say in how they should be run. Am so happy I don’t yet fully understand my role but tony said you will learn it as you go and get better at it as well so see what the future brings.


All this good stuff going on with me I have started to feel blessed like someone is helping me it’s hard to explain but I believe in something that I never did fully before. I can’t explain it but it feels good.

One last thing then am going because this way to long I brought my first festival ticket am going V fest in August.


Speak soon from Chasey 

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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